November 22nd, 2006

coyote help!

Ugh... miles to go until I sleep...

So, my dad and I spent the last week working to get the back room and first floor bathroom in my spooky old house ready for guests. The house has multiple bathrooms (3.75 to be precise), but given the age of several of the family members and regular guests, it's difficult having big family gatherings without a first floor bathroom.

Today, we finished up (well finished enough to use tomorrow) a little after 5 and I was left with the daunting task of cleaning up the construction mess plus assorted months worth of clutter (i.e. nothing gross, just the random paper type trash that builds up when the house is a construction induced mess and straightening up seems utterly hopeless & pointless).

I've been working more or less non-stop since my dad left and I still have a ways to go. I'm seeing improvements and I think it's do-able, but I may very well be working all through the night. I seem to recall the last time I had family over for Thanksgiving I ended up pulling an all-nighter as well.

You'd think I would have gotten over pulling all-nighters once I graduated from college, but alas, no. The last hours up until a big deadline (self-imposed or otherwise) seem to be the hours where the vast majority of progress gets made.

Anyhow, I'm taking a little break not before wading back into the cleaning madness.
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