December 31st, 2006

stupid stupid

Not everyone from Texas is this stupid... honest ;)

Jeez. Someone who clearly only gargled at the fountain of knowledge...

Mosque plans trigger neighbor's pig races

Two priceless quotes from the same dumb ass:

"They totally disrespected me and my family."

"I would be like a total idiot if I didn't. I'd be the laughingstock now because I've gone too far."

Sadly Mr. Baker crossed the idiocy threshold several stops back and he shows no signs of getting a fucking clue... although I suppose going through with the races does put him firmly into that "special" Forrest-Gump IQ category which at least makes you feel a bit sorry for the poor guy and his obvious mental handicap....

Oh, and to the stupid bint who said that the races weren't mean-spirited, they were just "Texas-spirited," I'd like to point out that the word Texas "derives from a word in the Caddoan language of the Hasinai: táysha, tecas, or tejas; meaning "those who are friends," "friends," or "allies." and racing pigs to offend your Muslim neighbors is stupid and decidedly unfriendly.
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