March 25th, 2008

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You know, if I was going to respond to allegations that I've exaggerated my role in foreign and domestic policies AND I had just been caught exaggerating the level of danger involved in a certain state visit, I don't think I'd choose to say:

"I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement,"

That just doesn't seem to be the right tone to take when being accused of exaggerating...

I have to say though, WTF Hillary? I know the republicans had it out for her, but did she come under actual sniper fire so often, as first lady, that she can't remember which state visits involved running for her life and which didn't?

Not to mention that her campaign's response to Sinbad's comments about how dangerous the trip was (or more accurately wasn't) really came off as excessively condescending. So, let's see. She lies, then has her people smear and belittle someone who was there and calls her on it, then she claims that she merely misspoke?

No. That wasn't a misstatement. That was a lie. Which isn't all that shocking from a politician, but I do expect my elected officials to have some competence in that field. For a politician of your "experience" lying so badly over something so stupid is inexcusable.

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Hmmm... what about the will of the people?

Well, today is just not my day to make nice with Hillary.

Delegate Poaching in Texas

I can officially confirm that this is, in fact, true. I just got a robo-call from Hillary (from a Virginia number, 703-637-9323, which, when called, gladly offers to remove me from their calling list) strongly suggesting that I really should vote for her at the county convention on Saturday. This despite the fact that I'm supposedly representing the small proportion of the people who caucussed in my area (which as you recall heavily supported HRC).

All that talk about having people's votes count and they resort to poaching delegates who were picked by a proportion of the people who voted for Obama in the caucus?

So much for the will of the people. Apparently this is, and IMO always has been, all about her.

I just wish I could have figured out how to make the stupid Treo record Hillary's call. That would have been great to post. Oh well, who knows maybe I'll get lucky and they'll call back :)
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