August 19th, 2008

bad news

The Double Talk Express...

McCain is speaking in Las Cruces tomorrow and he flew into El Paso this afternoon. I just happened to be driving back from the gym when I saw his motorcade and I managed to get a decent shot of the Good Ol' Double Talk Express.

I have to say, for all the security they give him, I was really amazed that I could just randomly end up that close to him. At the closest point, I was maybe 25 feet away and there wasn't anything between the bus and Betty. I doubt I could get anywhere near that close if I (for some strange reason lost my mind and) went to one of his town halls.

PLUS I didn't have to deal with a groping by the secret service (I'm all for a good groping, but not from random guys in cheap suits).

Anyways, that was my main excitement for the day. I am now, officially one year older. I went to lunch with my folks and some of my siblings, went to work, went to the gym and I bought myself a video game (Ridge Racer VII). Not the most exciting of days, but I do have to be up for work tomorrow so I couldn't really go out and party.