December 12th, 2008


Stephen Fry on Smartphones

I can seriously read Stephen Fry's blog for hours.

See for example his take on various smartphones.

How can you not love reading something by someone who writes this wrt the difference between the iPhone's and Blackberry Storm's "soft" keyboards:

In the sphere of keyboard entry RIM was right to see an opening. But what they have done is to arrive chirpily on the battlefield equipped with smart shiny new muskets to face off an enemy armed with Gatling guns. Yes, Apple’s Gatling may not be the last word in field artillery: it jams, it stutters and it often misses… but its raking automatic fire sure as hell beats the Storm’s muzzle-loading arquebus, with its laborious tamping and dangerous backfiring.


As an implementation of touchscreen technology the Storm sucks: I’ll go further. The Storm could teach an industrial vacuum pump how to suck. It could teach Linda Lovelace how to suck. It could… you get the idea.

This is absolutely fabulous stuff (even if I do occasionally have to look up words like arquebus[1] :-D)

[1] - before you ask it's 'a light form of handgun used by European infantries throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.'
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it's martini time

After the day I've had....

... it is, most definitely, martini time.

For various reasons, it's been a long, long, day and I'm pretty much exhausted. In about 20 minutes, I think I'm going to go catch a movie and unwind a bit.
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