December 25th, 2008

santa yoda

Christmas Day

Well Christmas Day went well. I puttered around the house for the morning then went to my mom's for the actual gifting part of Christmas. I had a good time and the new gifting routine worked out reasonably well. My folks got me some very cool (but not expensive) stuff. I'll try and take photos of things in the next few days (although I could just wait and take advantage of photo ops for Project 365, v2.0 which I'm starting on the 1st).

After spending a nice leisurely afternoon with the family (and enjoying some very nice weather while sitting outside at one point) I came home and vegged out a bit because tomorrow is a work day for me (I'm saving up my vacation days for something cool in the spring and my 10 year reunion this summer).

All in all this has been a very good Christmas. I hope everyone had a good day with friends and family and that they got what they wanted this year... I know I did.
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Santa Max

This might qualify as borderline yappy dog abuse, but it was quite entertaining. At first, Max wasn't quite thrilled with the coat, but he actually enjoyed it once he realized how warm it was.

Although the ensuing paparazzi-like swarm of attention he got as everyone took his picture did seem to leave him a little dazed and confused (but warm).

Good times.