February 16th, 2009



Well, I won't have internet at the apartment tonight. Cox is already impressing me with their punctuality. I had an installation set for today but they had to cancel it because I decided not to do cable with them (the apartment lets me do DirecTV which I didn't know originally). They were going to do it on Friday but their guy didn't show up so now it got pushed out until Wednesday.

So, no TV, no internet, and I'm sleeping on an air mattress. Not the most thrilling of evenings. Suddenly I'm really glad that I bought a couple of books on a whim the other day.

In other news, my plans for my multi-stage move are progressing. I still don't know what the monetary damage is going to be, but at least a workable plan is taking shape. Come a month from now and my life is going to be a lot different than it had been for the last many years. The prospect of that is simultaneously exciting and terrifying.

I'm just glad that MGX and my other friends are all in the picture helping me maintain my sanity through this whole convoluted process. It's interesting hearing everyone's perspectives on the move. Pretty much everyone is thinking East Coast/Virginia Beach >> El Paso, but I'm still very nervous about the whole thing. Although a sizeable chunk of this is just the fact that it's not just a simple move from point A to point B, there's a fair bit of juggling involved.

Uh-oh, some excitement at work.
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