March 14th, 2009

zhaan silly

Happy Pi Day.

I'm a nerd. Things like pi day amuse me :-D

In less geeky news I now, officially have a washer and dryer in my apartment. I just couldn't bring myself to keep doing the laundromat thing and renting them would quickly become more expensive than buying a set.

I was actually rather pleased with what I got. They're nothing special, but they have plenty of nifty features that my old set didn't. The only possible downside will be if I buy a house without an outlet for an electric dryer. However I'll deal with that possible problem if/when it's an issue.

Right now I'm really enjoying being able to do my laundry without leaving the apartment ;-)
da vinci dragon

A rainy Saturday.

On a lark I drove out to Virginia Beach this morning. I didn't stay long or take any photos, but it was nice to get out and drive a bit. I'm really glad I have my Garmin though. I'd hate to try and navigate my way through the area with maps (apparently whoever laid out the roads here hired the same cows that laid out Boston's streets to do their urban planning).

MGX is going on a cruise with her family so I'll be skulking around out here for the next week or so. Then things will likely get... interesting. I will get to spill the beans about the whole situation soon though. That'll be a relief.

I got my new desk when I got back from my excursion, but I'm just not excited about putting it together. I'll do it soon, just not right this minute.

Oh, and I should be getting my yearly bonus on Monday. I have no idea what it'll be, but I'm very curious to see what they say (and a little extra $$ won't hurt either). The good thing is that I wasn't really counting on it for anything so any amount of bonus is a plus. Especially nowadays. I'm really just happy to have a job I like that pays reasonably well.