March 18th, 2009


Amusingly annoying

I did a quick search for Mosaic Broadband in Virginia during lunch today and one of my last ranty posts came up in the first page of results. Overall none of them were good and I'm inclined to agree with them. The speed of this "high speed" internet is atrocious. It's not quite dialup speed but it's nowhere near what I've had before from ANY cable or DSL provider.

Aside from the speed (or severe lack thereof) issue, I was a bit annoyed that they don't provide you with any email addresses. This strikes me as sketchy since you would think (incorrectly) they should have a domain and they should be able to administer the addresses easily enough. Add to this the fact that they will not give you even a theoretical speed for their service and I suspect that they're running something of a scam. I've NEVER signed up for internet service without being told what kind of speed I can expect under "ideal" conditions. The fact that they refuse to provide that information makes me think that they've got something to hide.

So, during lunch, I signed up for Verizon's dry loop internet service. I'm not a huge fan of DSL, but I'm hoping they can hook it up at the apartment and I can get rid of the horrible Mosaic Broadband crap they've foisted on us. Something like that really makes me a lot less likely to want to stay at the apartment complex at all since it seems extremely un-customer friendly to switch over with less than a day's notice to a system that's horrible compared to what I had before.

Anyways, I'll post more later. Now, back to work.
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