March 19th, 2009

f*** you

Mosaic Still Sucks

Well, yet again, I was let down by Mosaic Broadband.

They can't do anything to look into the problem unless they come into my apartment and they only schedule appointments for 4 hour chunks of time during business hours M-F. They also have no Saturday appointments and despite the fact that my internet was doing just fine before they took over (and hence the problem isn't inside the apartment) they won't do anything to fix it until they get into the apartment to run through their drills.

Even better, the only way they could access my apartment without me being there is to have me sign a waiver letting the leasing office give them a key to my apartment which I'm really not eager to do. Not to mention the fact that they called at exactly 5:30 which is when the leasing office closes so even if I had been home at that point, I couldn't have done that so I would have had to take time off from work at least to go fill out that paperwork.

Kind of hard to believe that, in this day and age, they think this is the recipe for acceptable customer service.

Fortunately, Verizon seems to be having a much easier time getting me set-up. My DSL router is on it's way and I should be up and running within a week (I'm not thrilled about how long that'll take, but at least Verizon includes a few email addresses and can actually tell me what speed I'm likely to see on their system).

When everything is said and done, I would warn anyone who is told that they're going to be switched to Mosaic Broadband to run far far away.
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