August 25th, 2009

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A quick update...

I've been remiss in posting lately so here's a quick one in bullet form:

  • One reason I will always keep my Concept2 rowing machine is their great customer service. In the process of moving, someone took apart something they shouldn't have and a couple of pieces were lost. I just called them up and they're sending out replacements, free of charge. Granted they're cheap/small pieces, but still. No hassles, they just helped me figure out what I needed and sent them to me ASAP. I should be up and rowing by Thursday-ish.

  • RIP Jack Daniel (my old cat). He lived with me for a while until I had to leave him with my folks at one point and then I decided to leave him there indefinitely since they really liked him and he had the run of their house (which was much bigger than my dorm room). He was a very sweet, dog-like cat and he was a total attention whore (he was well known for giving very substantial head bumps when he wanted attention and at nearly 30lbs he could deliver a fairly significant bump). My folks really got attached to the big fuzzball but he'd still want attention from me when ever I visited. I will miss the furball.

  • Living in the house is coming along well. I have already had to deal with a few issues and I have a few more in the queue but I'm still enjoying having the space to myself, free of obnoxious apartment rules and regulations together with my critters. Everyone is still settling in, but so far things are going well.
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