October 15th, 2009

stupid stupid

Umm... WTF?

Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License By Louisiana Justice Of The Peace

Bardwell said he asks everyone who calls about marriage if they are a mixed race couple. If they are, he does not marry them, he said.

Bardwell said he has discussed the topic with blacks and whites, along with witnessing some interracial marriages. He came to the conclusion that most of black society does not readily accept offspring of such relationships, and neither does white society, he said.

"There is a problem with both groups accepting a child from such a marriage," Bardwell said. "I think those children suffer and I won't help put them through it."

Oh, right, because clearly all children from interracial marriages are put down and they can never aspire to make anything of themselves given such a terrible handicap.... Oh wait the f'ing President of the United States is a product of an interracial marriage.

Why does this guy still have his job? Is Louisiana really that ass backwards?
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