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The Curse of the Comfy Couches....

Well, I think I have established that I have no less than 4 comfy couches that can easily knock me out if I let them. What's most amusing (and IMNSHO cool as well) is that I only bought one of them. The rest were eithe found or given to me by others (granted this means that none of them match, but it's comfort that counts... that and slipcovers ;)

Normally I'd be asleep in my own bed right now, but I just got up from a 3-4 hour nap on the living room couch (lately I've been getting that much sleep / night total). My nose is stuffy so I'm just going to take some cold medicine and actually go to bed, but I felt like mentioning my evil couches. So far, this week, I've fallen asleep on all four of them on different nights. One of these days I'll remember to actually go to bed instead of curling up on a couch when I'm a bit tired. It's never "just 15 minutes"

Anyways, time for bed.

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