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Musical Taste....

In case there was any doubt that I tend to have fairly broad (but not necessarilly good ;) taste in music, while reading the paper this morning, I came across three shows that seemed promising (and are cheap enough to make me want to go ;).

Show #1: Kittie - 7pm 02/08/03; Club 101; Tix @ Headstand
Show #2: Glenn Miller Orchestra - 7:30pm 03/06/03; UTEP Magoffin Auditorium; Tix @ UTEP Ticket Center
Show #3: Bowfire - 2:30pm 03/16/03; Abraham Chavez Theatre (downtown); Tix @.... info 544-2022

and non-musically we have:

Show #4: Carlos Mencia (comedy) - 02/27/03 - 03/02/03; shows @ 8:30 T,W, & R and 8:30 & 10:45 F & S, @ Comic Strip

So far entertainment is looking good this year....

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