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An odd day...

I woke up late this morning. I was expecting a relatively unexciting day of trying to fix Molly and maybe doing a bit of work around the house. I logged on (in typical geek fashion) and proceeded to sift through Spam and folk's new posts. I started reading comments harkening back to the Challenger and other comments about exploding shuttles and it took me a moment to realize that this was breaking news and not an anniversary (in a bit of cosmic weirdness the anniversary of the Challenger disaster was this past week, hence my initial confusion).

Yeah, so I watched some news of that and thought about stuff and managed to get a rather late start on the day. I don't think I thought about the accident so much as I generally pondered mortality and all that good stuff. Just thinking about the abruptness of life and whatnot. Life (and death) really is what happens while you're making other plans. I stopped watching news when dubbya came on. Clearly CNN had run out of news and just needed to stand (Curious) George up there for a bit.

With my fill of deeply philosophical thinking and current events I headed to my folks place to try and repair Molly's ignition stuff. I came to understand that the previous "mechanic" (and I use that term loosely) didn't know diddly about what he was trying to fix. I figured out what was broken, but it was late so I'll have to wait until Monday to acquire suitable replacement parts (and figure out how to fully extract the broken ones). Despite not finishing the repairs I felt better and I enjoyed a leisurely drive home in the nice weather (the one thing that this target-forsaken place has in abundance is good weather).

I got home and finally assembled and installed my new pot rack. I was very pleased with that exercise. My design fit perfectly. It looks like a 'real" pot rack and it looks damn cool in the kitchen. It's simple, but I like it. I'll post pictures in the morning. I need to make some space on Moya's hard drive before I offload pictures from the camera (yes, Moya is that close to capacity). After that pot rack happiness, I did some yard work (cleaning Zhaan's business and sorting out some other stuff). I think I'm going to start on the mega-stone grill soon. I figure if I take it easy it should only take me a few weeks to put it together (working on it a few hours a week). I'll have to talk to my dad about it's fuel source. He is lobbying heavily for a gas grill, but I'm tempted to stick with a wood grill. Oddly enough this is the same debate that's going on wrt the fireplace (he wants to convert it, I like the idea of having to start fires ;). If not for the fact that the grill is a functional device that I would like to make as functional as possible, I'd stick to a non-gas setup. However, having seen the relative coolness of using gas vs. charcoal, I'm a bit undecided. We'll see.

After that I did something really odd and I went to mass. Eh, my faith is somewhat hard to explain. However going to mass is something that reminds me a lot of my mom and I guess I was just in the mood to see if that was still the case. It is. Mass is a good place for me to go and think about stuff in general. I don't go for the sermons so much as for the time. Time when it's expected that you stop and think about stuff and reflect on life and all that jazz. I dunno, I guess it seems like not enough people do enough reflection. I don't necessarily mean in relation to the powers that be, but just in general you know. Thinking about what you've done and how this relates to what you want to accomplish etc... It seems that it's way too easy to just go go go go go all the time without stopping to evaluate how we're doing. That's what I do at Mass. Who knows, if I ever got good at meditating I might not feel the urge to go to Mass every once in a while. OTOH, it does remind me of my family and that's kind of nice. I know in Boston it really helped when I could go someplace that reminded me of home in some way. Anyways, it was another good time to think about stuff. However, I did mostly block out what the priest was saying. I didn't like him. Before I blocked him out, he didn't say anything particularly useful and he actually said a few things that I found somewhat stupid and/or obnoxious. I suspect that if not for having seen how cool the Mass was in Boston, I might be a lot more disillusioned with religion right now. Ultimately, I think religion is a good form of (nearly) free therapy. So long as you are prepared to think things through and not blindly accept whatever they try to shove down your throat (e.g. the world is flat).

53 minutes later, I was walking home (the church is only like 4 blocks from my house) and checking out the neighborhood. That was nice. I made it home. Had dinner, played with the dog, did a bit of home improvement stuff (well actually it was cleaning up after home improvement stuff) then I watched some TV and movies (HGTV, part of The Majestic, and all of Along Came a Spider and now here I am rambling on as usual. I think I’m going to do a little bit of email and call it a night. I've managed to tire myself out physically and mentally today. I expect a very good night's sleep.

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