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Busy Day....

Today I have to do as much of the following as possible before 5pm:

  • Take MPC deposit to bank
  • Take payment to BMC
  • Drop off Driver Safety stuff to insurance
  • Go to PSB and look up info on 3500 George Dieter
    • Get prices for material on proposed work
  • Buy Molly's replacement parts from dealership
  • Collate & staple plans for duplexes
  • drop off 2 copies of each set of plans at City Hall
  • drop off driver safety stuff at courthouse
  • stay awake

Oh joy.... Did I mention that I only got 2 or so hours of sleep last night and no naps at all yesterday? I'm tiiiiiii - red....

Update: Almost finished everything. Realized that I was missing some paperwork for the plans at the last minute. Decided to skip out on going downtown. I'll do that tomorrow once I have the missing paperwork. Not bad. Almost did it all

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