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Domestic Dragons....

Yeesh. Have I really become so dull that the highlight of my day was cleaning the living room while I watched Pulp Fiction? Actually I don't think that becoming is what happened ;).

So I did promise some pictures yesterday. You might have noticed that didn't happen. Well, I'm lame and I was sleepy so you get them now.

I sorted out my 'liquor cabinet' a bit. I'm still not sure if this is the ideal place to leave my booze, but it works for now: The main reason to not leave the booze here is that it's a bit exposed and easily accessible to any lush-like visitors I may have. I'm thinking about putting in display case type locking glass doors in there and replacing the shelf with a glass one. I'd also like to put in some cabinet lighting in there.

Somehow the 55" TV that looked huge in the duplex, doesn't quite look as imposing in this room. It actually fits out of the way in a corner. Note the growing collection of motion lamps in front of the TV:

Oh, and remember my big event of the weekend? Putting up the pot rack? Well here it is:

and this is a close up of the actual rack. I'm still debating what I'm going to do about lighting that area (note the battered old work lamp that I'm using for now). In theory the rack will be more full of pots and whatnot once the kitchen is closer to being "finished" (for the time being at least). I'm still not sure when this will happen, but soon I hope. Anyways, this entire project cost me about $20-$30 for all the bits and pieces.


The 1/2 gallon of water is a motion light? *snicker*

That is a nice TV. Couldn't watch Pulp Fiction last night, Swingers was on. :)
It's actually the left-over half of the water that made it into the 2nd lamp thing (the one with the fish). So it is indirectly related to the motion lamps :-p

I wasn't supposed to be watching any movie at that hour, but I had just bought a new universal remote and I was eager to program it. In the process of doing that I ended up cleaning and sorting stuff out and next thing I knew it was pretty damn late.

One of these days I'll learn some time management...
Heh, this next comment probably wins some sort of "delayed reaction" prize, but it just occured to me that technically, the 1/2 gallon of H2O is not in front of the TV and I said that he motion lamps where in front of the TV.



That's what you get for being nit-picky. Stop picking the nits :-p

(j/k, I'm in an oddly silly mood today).


I live to pick nits... thank you very much.

Want me to nit pick? Invest in some wire ties and get all those black wires to the sides so they are "pretty".

There, a girly comment for you!
The wire ties will be coming at some point. However since this arrangement isn't permanent and removing all the ties was a tad annoying when I moved, I was putting that off until i decide what's going to happen with the entertainment center and I finish plugging everything in.

I'm either a) moving it to the basement as part of a media/pool room/party space down there, b) leaving it where it is for a "long while" or c) switching the functions for living room and dining room and moving it there.

and there is the geeky response to your girly comment :-
Wow... everything looks quite nice. Can't wait to see more pictures!
Be careful what you wish for. I might put up pictures of the paint drying or the grass growing ;)

*waves back*

A place for my buttS

Here's the foam urn I told you about the other day...I found one at Wallyworld this afternoon hiding behind a cactus outside. (sans fat thumb of course)

the picture's not great b/c of my cam, but you can see the ribbon...it takes spray paint pretty well also...I think simple flat gray primer would look cool...we'll see

Re: A place for my buttS

Ah. Spiffy. That will come in handy.

Eh, I'm not as violently opposed to the ribbon as I thought I would be. It wouldn't upset me greatly if it stayed. However, if you really don't like it, I think it would look neat to do some sort of geometric pattern in that band and then fill it in. I'm thinking that smoothing off the ribbon and then doing one of those square spirally patterns would look good. It oculd be painted on with black to contrast the lighter gray color.

Re: A place for my buttS

that's another thing about the shitty camera... the urn is a sorta dust/oatmeal sorta color hehe

Re: A place for my buttS

I remember you told me that before, but you did mention painting it. I think that if we knocked off the ribbon and maybe carved in the geometric pattern I was thinking of then we could spray paint it gray or stone (like stoney ;) and then do some black highlights on parts of it. that would look pretty cool (at least it looks cool as I am picturing it).