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Oh my....

I came across this rather interesting photo recently....

I just really really hope that this remains a figment of someone's imagination ;)


Well, seeing as how it appears to be in existance (i.e. real), it's no longer a figment of someone's imagination, bur rather the end product of someone's sick, sad imagination

example: The idea that others think I look cool is purely a figment of my imagination....the idea that i'm wearing a black tshirt isn't, it's fact (though, it has so much lint on it right now it's more like black w/ white dots all over it. :o)

blah blah blah, yes?....ok
It looks like a photo that's been altered. The assorted seals look particularly fake, but even the truck itself looks slightly off enough to make me think its a picture of something that's been photoshopped to death.