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I just re-read last night's post.

Apparently I was less coherent than I thought.

I've slacked it big time this morning, but now I'm going to get to work. I got distracted going over the list of things to do in the house and I lost track of time. I talked to Robin this weekend and she mentioned wanting to come out and visit when she gets random life stuff sorted out and decided on. So far there are a handful of people threatening to visit and I realized that I really do need to get a few things finished so that I can comfortably host folks here.

To that end, I picked up some paint chips from ye olde Lowe's and I've been staring at them in the various lights in each room (the brightness from AM to PM light is huge. I know it's usually significant, but the billion windows each room has make it more noticeable. I should pick up the blackout shades so that I can better see what the rooms will look like "normally"...

Is it any wonder I can get distracted so easily? ;)


I'm curious about the mirrored finish sink.....

Kudos on the DVD. Mine is a Toshiba, and I love it, not only for the 8 million jacks in the back, but also for the remote. It is much more logical than any DVD remote I've used.
Mirrored finish sink. One of these days I will recount the story of how my dad and I argued over the whole kitchen sink issue. On second thought maybe I won't. It's a little frightening just how happy the sink made me. I suspect that when the kitchen is done I'll probably just sit in there and be happy for a while. What a life!

It's funny, but my DVD player doesn't have 8 million plugs. Or anywhere near that many. It's got the basic one and the ones for the highest end options out there and that's it. I was mostly impressed with it's technical stats and the fact that it did the proscan stuff which I had heard quite a lot of good stuff about. I'm definitely sold on all that HDTV stuff. The picture is just amazing. I'm pondering what movies I should watch tonight....

It's funny you mentioned the remote because I actually mothballed the one that came with the DVD player in favor of the $18.00 Radio Shack remote that I picked up this week. I used to have bad feelings about universal remotes, but this one has the perfect mix of pre-programmed stuff (all of my components were idnetified by it) and programmable options. It also lights up! :)


Oooooh! back lit remotes are the BEST thing, if your like me anyway, and sit there in complete darkness trying to do things.

because I'm lazy, I'll reply to your other comment here too.... There are some awsome things I just got at work, that are velco wire ties. I'd assume you can find them in a regular store, or just buy some velco on a roll and use it. I was surprised at how simple of an idea that is, and how well it works with all my IDF's and wires at work.
if your like me anyway, and sit there in complete darkness trying to do things.

I'm almost afraid to ask :-p

It's only been in the last couple of weeks that I've actually used a backlit remote. Before that, I was using the remote that came with my cable box and it was laid out well enough that it was possible to use it without needing a backlight. The remote that came with the TV is backlit, but it coudn't control the cable box or stereo, so I never used it.

I wonder if I should be disturbed that we have such well thought out opinions about our remotes? ;)

I've seen those velcro things. In fact the cable that I bought for the DVD player came with a couple, I've just been too cheap to buy any. I think I'll have to keep an eye out for them though. If they're cheap enough they will probably be exactly what I need since I do have a habit of re-arranging my electronics and computers from time to time. How sad is it that I do that for fun sometimes? ;)
Just go pick up an entire color deck! It somehow helps me organize my thoughts on color when I see them arrayed like that.

And I read your music as a variant on "bibbity-bobbity-boo" the first few times. My brain is somewhere, I'm sure of it...
Where do you get a color deck? Or did you just got and grab one of everything from the paint chips at Home Depot? I'm actually quite clueless about using color in homes since my family (and my dad in particular) are big fans of white on white. The black trim I used on the duplex was quite a departure for them (ditto for the black kitchen cabinets). I'm leaning heavily towards dark grays and purples for the bedrooms. Maybe also some dark or bright blues, greens, reds etc... and maybe a random yellow or other lighter color instead of white in other spaces.

The only room that's definitely staying white is the hall bathroom that is going to have a white/chrome/industrial/hospital scheme. I'm still debating what to do with my hallways, entry, etc....

I don't want the color scheme to be totally bizarre, but I would like it to be fairly significant.

WRT music. I think your brain was somewhere it shouldn't have been. I'm sure of it ;