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I just re-read last night's post.

Apparently I was less coherent than I thought.

I've slacked it big time this morning, but now I'm going to get to work. I got distracted going over the list of things to do in the house and I lost track of time. I talked to Robin this weekend and she mentioned wanting to come out and visit when she gets random life stuff sorted out and decided on. So far there are a handful of people threatening to visit and I realized that I really do need to get a few things finished so that I can comfortably host folks here.

To that end, I picked up some paint chips from ye olde Lowe's and I've been staring at them in the various lights in each room (the brightness from AM to PM light is huge. I know it's usually significant, but the billion windows each room has make it more noticeable. I should pick up the blackout shades so that I can better see what the rooms will look like "normally"...

Is it any wonder I can get distracted so easily? ;)

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