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purple dragon

Note to self....

From the horse's mouth (or the writer's webpage), something I was beginning to fear would never happen:

Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla is tentatively due out September 2003
Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah is tentatively due out in November 2003
Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower is tentatively due out in March 2004

Yes, I admit it. Despite how un-cool some may think it is, I grew up reading just about anything the Stephen King bothered to put his name on. I would have probably read a cereal box if he wrote it... Come to think of it I used to read cereal boxes[*].... ummm anyways. I started reading the The Dark Tower books as a wee little froshling in high school and even though I've largely outgrown King's brand of horror stories, I am very much interested in reading those last three books.

It's about bloody time, Stephen.

[*] - My dad had (what I think was) an odd rule when I was little. Even though he would spread out the morning paper and magazines and whatnot at the kitchen table while he was eating, the kids were not allowed any reading material while eating. In theory this was so that we wouldn't sit there all afternoon grazing as we read and this was probably not a completely horrible idea since it didn't stop us from reading, it just made us finish eating faster. Anyways, being somewhat easily distracted, I would always end up reading every single thing on the back, front, and sides of the cereal boxes sitting in front of me. I suspect I was one of the few 9 year olds who knew the complete ingredients lists and nutritional information to things like Fruity Pebbles, Total, Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Cap'n Crunch, Luck Charms, Frosted Flakes, etc....


That was me too. My parents also had the rule of not reading at the dining table. This resulted in me having a great knowledge of the back of Fruit Loops and Nutrigrain cereal boxes (and the relevant competitions run each time).
I wonder how many parents out there would have been ecstatic if their kids showed an interest in reading at all, let alone at the kitchen table :).

That reminds me how I used to get in trouble at school for reading too much.
Reading too much? How?

I remembered back in high school when I used to read about a book a night or two nights. Hardly did any homework!
I was allowed to bring my book to breakfast, when nobody really expected me to interact, and I'd usually bring it to lunch or dinner and manage to read it until my parents got annoyed. This was usually on the order of 2-5 minutes, but a definite improvement...

There was also the "no reading while getting showered and dressed in the morning" rule, and the "no reading after I've told you to go to sleep" rule, and the "no reading in the bathroom if anyone else wants to use it" rule, etc. in addition to "no reading in class". I had that nice greyish print spot on my left index finger from holding my place while walking around with teh book closed, and the one on the inside of my thumb from holding the book open...

Does this mean I'm a nerd?
You're lucky to have had such varied reading material at the table: we were only allowed to purchase cereal with <2g sugar/serving, which meant that the choices were severely limited! And those typically had much more boring boxes.
I use this to ignore my mother, which is pretty much every meal I eat with her. She says very very mindless and annoy things, which are usually long stories about people I don't know, will never know, and don't care to know. "Oh, so, Julie's boyfriends parents have this neighbor who....." and I don't know who julie is, let alone her boyfriend, his parents, etc... I read everything I can get my hands on at the table. It kills the pain of my brain slowly sliding out of my ear.