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One last post...

... because I can :-p

I find it amusing that after a couple of months of not doing more than 3 or 4 posts in any one day (and usual only 0 or 1), the day after the limits thing comes up is when I decide I have stuff to say (you might not agree with me ;).

If I were inclined to care more, I'd ask this directly, but what sorts of evil things do people do with over posting? When I read the post about the daily limits I was a bit surprised as it sounds like there is some really annoying stuff that happens on a regular basis when people go out of control posting. I suspect that the limits might go over better if Brad indulged our geeky natures and actually told us what problems the limits were supposed to prevent.

For the record, if anyone ever sees me approach or hit the daily limit for permanent members, please pry me away from the computer and unplug the cable modem ;)


I guess the reason for implementing limits is to reduce the traffic to the servers. I'm not sure if and how much traffic is charged where the LJ servers are, but one would assume that with the large number of posts done per person (on average), the resulting load on the servers would reduce the capacity of the servers for other users. One hopes that with these limits now in place, LJ should be working a lot more efficiently.
When I heard about it at first that was my assumption too, but there was a specific reference to "tracking down the problems manually" and "a ten line perl script" so it made me curious about what people were doing that could cause problems. It sounded like people mass posting to many many journals and mucking up the servers (perhaps mass auto-posting to communities etc...).

It's not a huge concern, but it did pique my curiosity.