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I should be sleeping...

but, surprise, I'm not.

Still up and I'm feeling like staying up unreasonably late for no particular reason. Actually I know exactly why I want to stay awake. I'm in a funky mellow/melancholy mood tonight. During the day I bummed around, read, did a few house things and not much else. Then, I hung out w/ Dave and we saw Shanghai Knights (DS=7.5). Not a bad flick. Definitely a good Jackie Chan movie, but I doubt that they can or should do a third in the series. I was happy with it. There was a very amusing homage to Singing in the Rain and lots of excellent fight scenes/stunts and quite a bit of solid humor. I'd probably watch it again, but it's definitely a move that could get old quickly. It damn well better do better than that stupid Kangaroo movie. I was horrified at how well it did. It really is true that you can't go broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

However, I digress (surprise). We had dinner at the mega-humongous-Mongolian-Chinese Buffet. The highlight of that was my clever use of.... ummm..... sounds in order to quiet down an overly frisky couple sitting behind me. Normally I don't have issues with PDAs, but when people are practically humping in the booth immediately behind me and they're moving my seat a lot, I tend to get a bit cranky. So a few well timed (completely fake) bodily sounds and they cut it out. I was amused that it worked as well as it did. Oh and Dave nearly had to fight some old lady for space at the sushi side of the buffet. I tell you, these people go at the all you can eat buffets like a rabid starving Chihuahua would attack a chicken wing.

We hit Mart of Wal and I got a bunch of stuff in the clearance sections. If not for picking up Formula 51 (Very funny movie. If you like Snatch, you'll really enjoy this. DS=9....Ummmm... no one is allowed to remark on that previous line. I know it sounds bad, but you are all expected to chuckle and move along :-p), I would have gotten the other stuff for about 75% off (as it was even with the movie I paid about 50% of the original price for everything). I was quite pleased. My loot included a knock-off (but nice) motion lamp (a/k/a an Almost-Lava Lamp ;), a work light, a dragon castle play-set (knock-off Legos with really awesome details and dragons and castles and stuff), and the movie. We came back watched the movie, laughed a lot and then chatted for a while before Dave headed home.

While we were talking, it occurred to me that today had put me in a funky mood because I was reminded a little too much of Boston and by extension of some people. I just got thinking about good times with some people that I care(d) a great deal about and being a bit bummed that those Good Times (tm) were over. I'm sure that there are new and improved Good Times (tm) around the corner (or around the 9th or 10th corner), but I'm not there yet. It's odd. I'm not anxious to meet someone. I'm not eager to have someone upset and unbalance my carefully planned and executed hedonistic bachelor lifestyle, but at the same time I'm missing random things that came with seeing someone(s) on a regular basis. No, not that or at least I don't miss that all that much. For example, this morning, I woke up and really missed not having someone there to curl up with under the covers in order to hide from the cold morning in the big drafty house (and yes, it was a cold morning because it snowed... it didn't stick, but it was snowing in the early AM today... note that I didn't say, unbearably cold arctic temperatures, I simply said cold ;). Or someone to hang out with while watching the 1,001 random amusingly bad shows on Saturday morning TV. Sad to say, but I was missing the silly domestic friendly things that come with having a One. I know, I'm not thinking so much of the annoying things that come with sharing space, but eh, those never bothered me so much because I usually got involved with people who were very independent so clingy-ness and hip-attachments never really happened.

Blah, I'm rambling. I guess I'm just not looking forward to spending the night curled up alone again.

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