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Mmmmmmmm..... Simpsons....

Catching up on my slashdotting from this weekend I came across this cool tidbit:

See Dan, Hank, Harry, Yeardley, Julie, Nancy and the rest of the Simpsons cast this Sunday at 8PM (EST) on Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo. According to the website: "In anticipation of the landmark 300th episode of The Simpsons, James Lipton sat down with the series' accomplished ensemble to meet the actors behind the voices in order to discover how they have managed to create such a wealth of believable and beloved characters."


Suddenly I have two good reasons to watch stuff on Bravo this coming week. I'm going to have to see what else they have going on....

Update: People on Slashdot should learn to say "today" instead of "this Sunday". Thanks to jetgrrl01 for pointing out that the original showing was yesterday (otherwise I would have missed the next showings). I checked Bravo's website and it looks like they'll have additional showings:

Fri, Feb 14 11:00 PM MST
Sun, Feb 16 9:00 AM MST
Sat, Feb 22 5:00 PM MST
Sun, Feb 23 3:00 AM MST

I'm back to being excited about this ;)

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