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What? Me cynical?

So I was browsing CNN yesterday and I came across an article that mentioned that the trial of Houston wife who ran over her husband had gone to the jury. My first thought was "Well, there go them crazy east[*] Texans again."

Then I got the to the end of the article and I read the following:

"In addition to Lindsey Harris, Bridges testified during the trial. David Harris's mother, father and brother testified on Clara Harris's behalf, telling jurors she loved her husband and did everything possible to save their marriage. "

My reaction?

"Yeah, she did everything except hitting the brakes."

I have zero sympathy for people who hurt others in an "act of passion." An act of passion is when you rip your lovers clothes off and proceed to have wild monkey sex with them. Killing someone, beating them, etc.. is an act of anger, power, violence, but not passion. Passion does not mean loss of control. Only 5 year olds should be allowed to use the excuse that they "lost control." Adults who have so little self-control that they can seriously hurt another person (or any living creature for that matter) by "accident" need to be punished.

I bet you that if a man was on trial and he was accused of beating his wife and putting her in the hospital because he caught her cheating, there'd be a lot less question about what was going to happen to him. I thought we had thrown out the "s/he was asking for it" arguement a long time ago but that's actually what the defense attorney's tried to use ("I'm not up here to vilify the memory of David Harris ... but there were some bad choices, folks"). If he was a sleazy cheating husband then he fully deserved to be taken to court and thoroughly reemed in the divorce proceedings. He did not deserve to get killed and he doesn't deserve any blame for his own death. What next? Are we going to start considering what a person was wearing and where they were during a rape trial?

I guess personal responsability is just a novel and antiquated concept in the modern court system.

[*] - I may not aboslutely love all the people I come across out here in West Texas, but we do tend to have lower than expected rates of violent crimes. Amusingly enough, it really is the water that seems to cause it. The local underground water sources have traces of natuarlly occuring lithium.


You got it. I felt the same way about the PMS defense a few years ago (i think it was new jersey??) that this woman had killed "because she was experiencing emotional problems due to PMS". Come on. We'll never have a female president, CEO's, world leaders, etc with this crap.

There are alot of days that I just hate women.

But, the accident thing is driving me nutty. If you want to kill someone, you do the crime, you do the time. Fine. Blow away your husband. You can spend the rest of your life rotting in jail or getting the death penality. But don't say it was an accident and try to get off. Especially since your "upset that he cheated".

I had been thinking about that case (PMS defense). I wonder if people realize how much damage they do to society when they try to come up with these crazy defenses and lawsuits.

What I thought was kooky about the defense was that she admitted that she "wanted to hurt him emotionally" and yet she expected the jury to believe that she had no desire at all to hurt him physically.

I think I might possibly believe that she intended to hit him with the car, but didn't mean to kill him with it, but that'd be a stretch. I think once the idea to use the car to hurt him popped into her head she was in some seriously psychotic territory (esp with his daughter in the car with her).
Yeah I mean other than the guy being a dirty cheat, he did not seem abusive or controlling. This wasn't a burning bed situation. The woman was a dentist and could maintain herself in fine style without him. However bad a cheating husband is thank goodness a jury decided being torn apart under the wheels of a german import wasn't fair punishment.
Of course now her attorneys are going to throw in the "sudden passion" arguement in an effort to reduce the sentance.

It's kind of scary to see how crazy people get when their relationships fall apart.