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Well, despite being ditched [*] by someone today, the evening wasn't a total bust.

I went to an early showing of Daredevil. It was a good movie. I was impressed. It's a trip to see how quickly special effects are improving year by year. I have to give Marvel Comics credit for doing a good job of translating some of their top books into good movies. It's your typical action movie, but I've always been a fan of how the Daredevil character is messier than your standard superhero. He's very definitely not "Superman" but he's still damn cool. I was pleased. I like superheroes with messy edges.

As far as the movie went. I'd say it's probably as good as Spider-Man. I'd say I'd give it a solid DS=9 in the action category. I read DD from time to time, but I don't know his history as well as I know that of some of the other characters in Marvel & DC land. Still though, I think the story flowed well and I think it makes the character accessible to the general public. I think this movie will probably make some silly amounts of cash and it'll prime folks for X-Men 2 & The Hulk later this year.

Anyways, after the movie, I came home, made dinner and started working on some house stuff. My folks said they'd be coming out tomorrow to see what I've done recently and to help me finish up the functional parts of the upstairs hall bathroom. Yay, hopefully by the end of this weekend I'll have a fully functional bathroom. Then I can start on the next one ;). I also got an unexpected phone call from friend+ C a little while ago. We caught up on things and talked for a couple of hours. In fact I missed the first re-showing of the Simpson's Bravo show because I was on the phone with her. Eh, it'll be on another half dozen times in the next week or so. She made my evening.

That was pretty much my entire evening. Despite some annoying things during the week and getting in a bit of an emotional funk a few days ago, I think that, on the whole this has been a damn cool seven days. Well, I'm setting up computer stuff so I'm going to go now. Hasta.

[*] - For future reference, I have no problems with changes in plans (particularly not when the other person is likely to get lucky), BUT it would have been nice to get a call, email, or message telling me that plans had changed, particularly if I had made a point of asking about said plans the night before. Bailing on one friend in order to hang out with another "friend" is total bullshit. I'd understand if I was getting ditched for a significant other or for some particular reason (if I was told about it), but just bailing like that is totally lame. If not for happening to read a fucking journal entry about it, I wouldn't have known that the plans had been scrapped. In case anyone is curious, doing that kind of shit is the best way to fucking piss me off and make me consider you a fucking loser and a flake. Note the use of swear words and remember how rarely I direct them at specific people.

That is all


i sent you a txtmsg at about 1030 when I got to the theater. I sent: "Cant make the movie today gonna hangout w/ robbi". I turned off the phone and left it in the truck when I went in. I figured you got the msg and that was why you txtmsg'd me back like 10-15 minutes after I sent the txtmsg. I didn't get the 'this is only a test' txtmsg 'til I got out of the theater at like 1.

and as far as being pissy b/c I went w/ robbi... dude, her boyfriend left for Yuma on Monday and her friend passed away on Wednesday... she had a shitty week and needed somebody there. and I DID tell you about Chuy and I DID tell you about her friend when we hung out on Thursday
The only text message I got was the one replying to my "this is a test mesg" I was figuring out how to txt message using the phone book. I checked my phone again right now and there is still only one txt message on it. I don't know what happened to that first message you say you sent, but it didn't make it to my phone.

Dude, like I said, I can deal if there is some reason for getting ditched. If I had gotten some message telling me some of what you said above I'd have understood. Hell if I'd seen a post saying some of the above I would have understood. However, all that I saw was:

So Robbi called just now and asked if I wanted to hang out w/ her today...I told her I sorta had plans.

Then she said it... "I'll treat you to tiramisu."

BOOOOONG! That did it. LOL!

Does that sound like particularly reliable behaviour? What pissed me off is that last week I asked about Shanghai Knights and you said "can't have plans with robbi" and I was totally ok with that. This week I made a point of asking if we were still on for DD the day before and you said we were. Then she wants to hang out you blow me off. You've made a very significant point of saying that you two are just friends so I think it's fair to expect that you don't ditch one friend for another without at least a little explanatio


i just checked my phone...I sent the msg to your home# not the cell#...and I apologize for that error. But even if I'd sent it to the right #, I dont' see it as blowing you off b/c you did say that you were gonna go see it no matter what anyway so I didn't think it was that big a thing.
Change of subject... or perhaps reversion to subject.

So you liked Daredevil? Lots of reviews say it's OK but that what's his name sucks as the lead. What are your thoughts on that? Does the rest of it pull a mediocre main character along? I sort of want to see it, but the reviews made me less interested. On the other hand, my views on action movies overlap with yours by a lot. ;)
Hmmm... I dunno. It's been my experience that a straight-up action movie rarely needs a good actor in the lead. So long as he/she can deliver the necessary lines and strike the appropriate poses, you're in business (e.g. Hong Kong action flicks). Affleck does a good job of looking troubled, amused, etc... I would be tempted to mock critics who are forgetting that this is a movie based on a freaking comic book. If these are the same critics that had issues with the casting of the Kingpin I'd also be inclined to ignore them completely (did you hear about that? How quite a few folks didn't like the fact that a black actor was cast to play that role?)

I think that special effects and style matter more than casting and I was really impressed by how good the special effects were. They didn't detract from the story-telling at all and in most cases they were seemlessly integrated into some very complicated scenes (quite a bit better than Spider-Man). The story is a bit rushed because they cram in a lot of DD's life/history into a single movie, but it's still fairly easy to follow. I'd say that it's a better movie than Spider-Man, but it's a less well known character so more folks might be inclined to criticize it because they can't fill in holes in the story as easily.

Honestly, I don't see too many points where there is space for Affleck to genuinely "act". What little acting there is tends to be very much over-the-top action-oriented comic book acting and he's quite acceptable for that. I thought it had very well done action sequences (the fight between Murdock and Elektra in the park was really amusing and quite well done) so I was fairly pleased with it. It's not a great movie, but it is definitely a solid action movie and it is a very good comic book action movie.

I'm curious, what sorts of complaints did critics have?
PS - I'd be tempted to compare Affleck's acting to Keanu's acting in the Matrix. It's that same sort of thing where he looks good, delivers the stock lines well, and fits rather well into a cartoon character mold :)