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Important safety tip, thanks Egon....

Well things with Dave got sorted out. Pretty much a whole lot of miscommunication and bad timing. I do have to admit that I'm impressed that both of us were able to be fairly mature about the whole thing. I got pissy, he got annoyed at my reaction, we exchanged some words and then figured out what happened and it's all cool. Total time of tiff? Just about 26 hours-ish. Not bad considering how some of our friends tend to behave (weeks and weeks of not talking to each other). It's funny despite the fact that both of us take great pride in being quite immature, we both seem to be pretty good at the whole "not acting like a baby" thing. This is good.

Of course in our old age we ended up only watching about half of Ghostbusters before he decided to take off in order to not pass out on the drive home. How sad is that. Two guys in their mid 20s couldn't stay up past 1am watching a classic comedy like Ghostbusters? Gah. I'm feeling lame. I miss the good old days of being properly night-shifted and having the real fun only start around midnight. I've probably seen the sun come up more times in the past 4 months than I ever did before, but I've seen it at the wrong end of the day. Watching the sun come up when you've been up all night having fun and causing mischief is cool. Seeing the sun come up a little while after you wake up is clearly a sign of approaching senility or something ;)

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