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Home Sweet Home....

Tonight, I realized that this place really is starting to feel like a home/lair. It was a few minutes ago. I was watching TV/sleeping in the living room and the last show I was watching/sleeping through finished so I woke up and turned off the TV. I lay there for a few minutes just relaxing and appreciating how unbelievably cool this place is. It was neat. It's nice to not feel like I need to find a new place or like I'm in a transitional space. I think I'd be happy having this as a lair indefinitely (not necessarily my only lair, but my place to come to when I'm spending time in the city).

Many rooms in it still look like a bomb went off in them, but they're all moving in the right direction and chaos seems to be slowly slipping away. Even though I wouldn't mind not living in a work zone and having everything done, it doesn't get annoying because I see improvement.... Of course it does tend to get a little discouraging when I realize (on a nearly daily basis) what new random things need to be fixed (like the turbine on the roof that needs replacing... no wonder my room was so bloody cold this winter).

Today was a day of thinking about stuff. Mostly work related, but a few other things were bouncing around in my head at times.

I get to skip going into the office in the AM. Instead, I get to head over to city hall to once again do battle with the evil city hall minions.

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