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Trained monkeys...

... could do a better job than some the folks we have working at City Hall.

Cases in point

  • If you are going to have the option of calling-in in order to get various building permits, try to have someone actually answering the freaking phone. I counted 34 rings right now before someone answered the phone. That's absurd. What's even more annoying is that I often see these pinnacles of municipal incompetence when I go to city hall and I often see them standing around chatting while the phone is ringing. Come on guys. The high school kids that work at Domino's are able to answer the phones within a few rings. You answer, you say "please hold" and that's that. I don't expect quick service, but at least answer the phone.
  • We are one company. We should not have to take four copies of our liability insurance to four different offices in city hall every six months. I know that my insurance company sends you the updates. I've been in their offices when they're doing it, how is it that you lose them so reliably when you don't do anything else that consistently? This is particularly annoying when I have to take the same piece of paper to the same office(s) more than once within a couple of weeks/months.
  • You know that little city charter thingy? Well it would be nice if you followed it from time to time. For example. The head of the building services department should not be allowed to arbitrarily adopt new rules and regulations just because he feels like it. If he can't take the changes to the city council to get them approved, perhaps they aren't such good ideas. I should not feel like I'm committing professional hari kari when I point out how this is a bit sketchy.

Days like this make me appreciate how frighteningly accurate this is:

In a mature society, "civil servant" is semantically equal to "civil master".