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Holy speedy delivery, Batman....

Remember those glasses I ordered on Friday? Well, I got a call from the optical place at Sam's last night telling me that they were in. That's something like a 48-72 hour turn-around time. On a weekend no less. I'm fairly impressed. Now it's just a question of whether or not they made the glasses right ;)

Last night was nice. Ruben called to let me know that the Girl Scout Crumbs[*] I had ordered were in. Since I hadn't dropped in to visit for a while I decided to head over and see how things were going. He showed off some of the new home furnishings (including their new, ginormous king-sized sleigh bed) and I showed off the nifty new phone. Typical brother/guy stuff. I also got to loot his garage for a couple of things that he wanted to get rid off and I could actually use. I got to show Victoria (the 6 year old) how to play with a Sawzall. I think I'll make a very good godfather ;).

I was also trying to carry Isabella (not during the sawzall stuff, the rest of the time), but she was having none of that. Apparently her new teeth are poking through and this is making her grouchy. She's getting big though. Surprisingly strong too. It took a couple of hours of hanging out before she was more or less ok with me again. Although by the end of the evening she had fallen asleep on me (random note, cycling through ring tones on a phone can put a baby to sleep ;). My folks stopped in while I was there and I was amused to watch my mom and my brother making silly faces at the little one for a good hour or so.

Eventually I headed home to relax and get stuff ready for today. Do I lead an exciting action packed life or what? ;)

This weekend was spent a) sorting house stuff , b) sleeping, c) hanging out with family. Saturday evening was probably the laziest evening I've had in a while. Since I'd been doing house stuff all day, I ended up falling asleep on the couch before the first showing of Trading Spaces. I woke up just before the second showing (only slightly disoriented to see the same stuff I had just seen on TV being replayed), I watched that and about half of Deep Rising (good cheesy sci-fi/horror movie with amusing actors and better than average dialogue and a fairly cool monster) before I decided that it was time to crash. Funny how much earlier you end up going to bed when you've been doing stuff all day.

[*] - Victoria managed to drop kick the box holding all the cookies which made me surmise that they would be delivering crumbs rather than cookies.


sawzall & six year olds? hmm... she's going to grow up kicking ass i bet. admittedly, the first thing i thought of was alok and the dremel tool.
Just wait until I teach her how to use the arc-welder.... ;)

I would not mind it at all if the two little ones grew up to be tomboys. Or even just fairly mechanically inclined. I wonder if that counts as subverting them?

"Psst, you don't want to be a ballerina, you want to be an engineer"

I wouldn't actually do that, but I'll definitely let them play with the power tools (within reason) as they get older.

Alok & the Dremel? This sounds like a fable that I haven't heard yet. What happened there
dude. it's no fable, it's for real. i think it's funny how people will sometimes assure me that they're "for real" and argue about whether j.lo is "for real".... aren't they always "for real"? they should be, which makes it irrelevant for them to say that they're "for real".

anyway... we got a dremel tool to chip the glaze off of some pots and the rust off his '87 camry. the first night he pulled out an old computer case (!!) and proceeded to saw through bits of it, over and over. sometimes i worry about him and the dremel too, but he'd mostly too busy to get himself in trouble with it.

I should have said that given how you phrased it I was picturing something like "Jack & the Beanstalk".... "Alok & the Dremel".... Hehehehe....

As far as I know all people are real in that they are not virtual so yeah. Being "for real" is pretty much a given in my book, but then I'm not all that hip ;)