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To all the people living around me with cable....

Stop streaming movies and porn!

Get off your computers and spend some quality time with your families. Leave the computer stuff to us geeks.

Bah. I'm not asking for much. All I want is to be able to do lj stuff without having huge lags and occasional disconnects. That's all. It is times like this when I really really really miss having a T1 line in my room (I'm sure folks with dial-up connections really sympathize with me right now ;).

I have more stuff to post and reply to, but I'm going to wait until people start going to bed.

These gosh darn peak hours are annoying me.


that's one of the crappy things about having above ground lines. couldn't you ask TW if they could bury them?
You've just given me the best arguement I use NOT to get cable. Most everyone in my neighborhood has it, and they complain (i know, because I do IT work for 1/2 of them) that from like 4pm on it just DRAGS as slow as dial up. I have 2 phones, why not do dial up? I'll never get DSL around here...

I have a T1 at work anyway, so, most of my d/ling is done there, on my laptop, and then comes home with me. :)

Spaceballs the Internet Connection!

one of the perqs of living in a older lower-middle to middle class neighborhood is that most folks around here don't have computers, much less cable connections :oP During peak hours, my speeds range between light and ludicrous speeds... during peak times and early nights/mornings....I go to plaid :oP

Re: Spaceballs the Internet Connection!

ROFLMAO! I haven't seen that movie in a year or so! *Puts it on my netflix list*

So, basically you could get broken into and have your computer stolen, but you have lightning speeds.... Kinda a trade off, huh?

Re: Spaceballs the Internet Connection!

actually, this area's not even that bad...we've never had bars on the windows and (that we know of), there's been only 2 break-ins in the neighborhood in the almost 26 years we've been here... besides, I'd be more worried about somebody stealing our lawnmower than the computer LOL!
Apparently the lag was caused by some problems down the line. It's never really all that bad here, and even at it's worst its rarely less good than your standard modem.

Right now I've been seriously considering DSL since that would allow me to have a webserver of my own up once again and I know that a couple of people in my family would help me pay for it in exchange for loads of webspace. Ah decisions decisions.

I'm being very indecisive lately (about many things ;)


Damn you city people will all your available technology..... *grumble*
Heh, running water, indoor plumbing.... all o' them new fangled techno-illogical contraptions.

I've never really understood the appeal of living out in the middle of nowhere. I like living in the city and I've always enjoyed living in cities. I don't mind living off the beaten path a bit (i.e. some fairly unknown neighborhood), but it's nice being 15-30 minutes away from cool things to do.


But can you go find cow shit in less than 5 minutes? Can you walk into any location and know atleast 2 people there? LOL

I will say one thing- the only traffic I ever deal with involves farm equipment.