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Protein Spill at Its a Small World.... [*]

Random thought. I should make up an "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" plaque for the top of my front door. Either that or one that says "This way to the egress" sign. I was tempted to put up one of the Exit signs I have (i.e. Reality Exit), but I doubt anyone who visited would appreciate it and it would most likely get boring having to explain it time and time again. Looking around the house, I'm noticing that I don't have anywhere near enough odd things up as decorations. Granted, many are still put away while I slowly unpack and home improve, but my house is feeling boring right now (not to mention a tad chilly... darn furnace is not cooperating this evening).

I finally have a fully functional gate into the backyard. Our fence guy came by this afternoon to fix some stuff. I was impressed. Now he just needs to finish a small part of the fence near the house so that I can sign up to duel with the Historic Landmark Commission. I did some research this evening and determined that some form of "chain link fence" was invented in the late 1800s (i.e. post civil war) and that quite a few companies were producing the familiar diamond pattern chain-link fence in the 1920s-30s. So, in theory, chain link fence would be a viable option to use for a house built in 1930. I have no idea how well this will fly with the HLC or with the City Council, but I think I have a fairly good argument in my favor. I just need to finish putting it together and in order so that I can present it well to the HLC.

I was going to do some more replying and some work on my app to the HLC, but I ended up curling up under a blanket watching a movie because my house is freaking cold. I watched this odd movie called Fall (1996, DS=9.5). It's an artsy dark romance kind of thing, but I liked it. It made sense to me right now. I'm going to try and get it at some point. I really want to write more, but my bed with it's vary warm comforter is beckoning to me (or at least my chilled feet).

[*] Apparently the term "protein spill" is the Disney code phrase for someone puking in the park. I was watching "Dinner for Five" and one of the folks there knew this for some reason. Eddie Izzard was also on (this is why I stopped to watch it in the first place). It was a good show. Eddie was quite amusing as always. They also had Will Ferrell on and I was impressed. He's actually fairly interesting to listen to when he's not "in character".

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