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Quick post before I crash.

I signed up for a Kendo/Japanese Swordsmanship class at UTEP yesterday. It starts in a couple of months. I'm very excited about the prospect of learning more about how to play with sharp pointy weapons (even if the class it taught using fake non sharp non pointy ones).

Today was a long long long day. I had to be in major business mode most of the day and that left me drained. I am sooooooo ready for bed right now.

My furnace is working again and the new valve is making it work better than ever. The house is actually very comfortable without having the thermostat set to some unreasonable level. Before it would be somewhat cold at times (the valve had begun to fail slowly, probably since I bought the house). The bill for the work was relatively small so this is good.

I heard from the HLC folks earlier. I talked to the administrative guy and he gave me some good suggestions. He also pointed out that the HLC has never won a case when it goes before the city council. So pretty much anytime they deny something, if you take it to the council you win. I don't want to get too cocky about that, but it's nice to know that there is a good chance I can do what I please with my house. I have to jump through more hoops than I'd like to, but I'll chalk it up to being good for me and teaching me valuable skills like how to confront people without giving in to the urge to smack them upside the head if they prove to be particularly dense or un-cooperative ;).

Mr. Rogers died today. That sucks, but I'm not to broken up about it. I do find myself morbidly curious about how the kiddy shrinks will try to make a killing on the talk/news show circuit teaching parents how to help their kids cope with the "terrible news." I don't know, but personally, when I was most interested in his show, I wasn't all that up on news. If it had just stopped being shown one day I might have been curious about it, but I doubt it would have distracted me from playing with my Legos for very long. Maybe that's one of the reasons why kids are so different nowadays. We're making them grow up too fast and making them deal with stuff that is somewhat beyond them. The world is a big bad scary place but I think part of what being a parent or watching out for kids is about is shielding them from some of that.

Ignorance isn't bliss, but sometimes it's the only thing that let's us sleep at night"

On that note. Good night gentle readers.

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