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Humor: Amusing pictures....

My niece provided these and I found them quite amusing so I'm inflicting them on you now.

A) I know some folks around these parts who probably would feed this to their kids.... fortunately they're not related to me in any way ;)

B) How can you tell if the cat saw you naked?


So *that's* what my friend's cat meant..
Yup. Although I am somewhat curious as to why you were flashing your friend's cat :-p
changing to go into the pool. cat wandered in. sat on bed. yawned or laughed, couldn't tell which.
until now.
Aaaaah. Ok, that makes sense. For a second there I thought you might have been skulking around in a trenchcoat flashing unsuspecting housepets :-p

It was a cat though so it might have been yawning. Either reaction is preferable to having the cat arch it's back, and hiss with it's hair standing on end. That'd probably be an even more depressing sign ;)