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Ash Wednesday :)

It's Ash Wednesday. I think I'll have to do a double feature of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness tonight. It's a moral imperative.

Anyone with nothing better to do is welcome to join me.


dude. that would be tremendously tempting, except ... I'm in Pittsburgh. ;)
Must look into getting cheap Concord service out here ;)
Bruce CAMPBELL as an ICON??????

Holy shit...
Bruce Campbell IS an Icon ;)


I'm VERY obsessed with him. Do you remember his short lived Tv show- the adventures of Brisco County Jr. ???? That was were the obsession began for me....
The first thing of his that I saw was AoD so that did it for me. I didn't his show often (it kept getting shuffled around on the lineup), but I've generally found him to be one of the most like-able actors out there.

I try to watch most of his stuff (although a few movies have been too painful ;)