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That's it....

... the City Hall trolls have really pissed me off now. I'm going to be ripping some people some new orifices in the very near future.

I did get to talk to iridium this evening and that put me in a much better mood. I got to give advice on buying a car. We caught up on stuff. It was good. Oh and she's another convert to the tribe of the gearheads... Groovy.

I'm feeling nearly sick. I'm not quite actually sick, but I seem to have symptoms of being sick. I took some cold medicine and it's working, but I didn't take the nighttime stuff so I'm still awake, but my eyes are really tired. Too much light for too long. I am sooooo looking forward to a dark room shortly.

Just as well though, I need to be awake long enough to take out the trash and clean the cats' litter box. Yay.

Today was another bad day on the parental unit front. I sincerely hope that I never put anyone through the crap that my folks are putting me through. It's like being a referee, coach, and star player all at once. I need to figure out what to do about some stuff, I need to do it, and I need to keep them from killing each other and any innocent bystanders in the process. An amusing thing I realized though is that while I may have quite a temper and I am quite obsessive about some things, I'm about a 100x mellower than either of them.

Oh, and I've fallen a little behind on replying to comments. I'll (hopefully) catch up this evening. Not ignoring anyone, just slowly trudging through those and the complications of having work and house stuff to deal with.


FYI, I farked up my list tonight...so if you want me back...come and get me...if not, then that's ok too.
Consider yourself gotten back.

Now don't be farkin' up your list again :-p


But it's so fuuuuunnnnnn!!! :oP
I hope you get better, and don't get sick again. Dealing with the parents is a constant rollercoaster. Things will go up again.
if it really is hormonal... my mom got hormone replacement therapy (she got on the pill) and stress tabs.
thanks very much for the help with the car, again. i talked with the car-guy about shipping this afternoon, and it sounds like flying there and driving back would be a fair bit cheaper. hmm. i am wary of doing a 1100 mile roadtrip in an unfamiliar car by myself, though. hmmm.
Well, depending on timing I might be able to help. Fares aren't too bad and I wouldn't mind a road trip. Let me know if you do end up needing a navigator :),

The plus side to this being that you will be able to check the car out and make sure it's as advertised before you pay for it.