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A quizzing I will go...

It's been a while, deal.

My sphere is Guardian (Person of great Love and Altruism), and my class is Rogue (Precise and Unhindered).

I am a Protector.

You won't let anything or anyone threaten the ones you love if you have anything to say about it -- and you aren't afraid to back that up by any means possible. You might get your hands dirty in your life. You might do things that more lawful people would question. But there is no doubt in your mind that what you are doing is right, and you will have no regrets. To be a Protector is to shed many layers of "status quo," of "morality," and, to a degree, of honor, in order to dedicate yourself to the protection of your love in any way you can. You are a truly rare breed. You are loved in return for your great dedication by the people who value you. You know how to keep secrets, and uphold your word.

What kind of Warrior are you?

... and in other news, I got a decent start on building stuff but it's dark now so I'm going to punt until tomorrow. It was a productive end to the day. Now to veg.

BTW, did I mention that today was abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous? I got to do some driving around before I made it home and I was reminded why I don't always hate this place. The weather was perfect, sunny warm, but still cool enough to be pleasant. Rolled down Molly's windows (door and rear) and I might as well have been in a convertible. I'm definitely going to have to get Hazel and Winona fully fixed up this summer. Winona would have been the perfect vehicle for a day like today. As it was, I was quite happy cruising along the highways with Molly. I probably drove an extra 40 miles today just so that I could enjoy the weather.

Hmmm... I'm hungry. Feed me Seymour....

That's probably not going to work. Oh well, time to hunt down some leftovers from the frigid wasteland that is my fridge.

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