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Let's rock this joint...

let's roll this joint
let's smoke this joint
until we sound like Pink Floyd....

Very good show by the Elvises tonight. It was looking a little sketch at first (their PA was DOA) and the show wasn't really packed, but they went on (once a new PA system arrived) and the crowd started to fill in nicely. Their music was solid and they put on a great live show. Nice Siberian surf rock. Very cool. We even got to talk to the band a bit because we were there early (and in this town no one gets anywhere early ;). For a while there it felt like I was getting a private concert because the Elvises were on stage warming up and running through random songs while waiting for the PA (they did Love Pipe, Tequila, La Bamba, maybe 4 others that I'm forgetting at the moment).

After the show we hit VI for food and conversation. We had to wait a bit to be seated because the opera had just let out. Talk about feeling under-dressed. VI was cool as usual except for the old geezer who didn't understand basic men's room etiquette (it's called a line, you wait in it, I don't care how badly you have to go there are no cuts).

Some random amusing bits of conversation:

Me: You know, I need a hookah for the house... maybe a trip to the Headstand is in order.
Dave: Well whatever you do, don't ask them for a bong. They don't like that, it's a smoking accessory.
Me: Dude, a bong is not a "smoking accessory". Calling a bong a smoking accessory is like calling a car a "transportation accessory"

Me: Yeah, I'd like the cheeseburger
Cute Waitress: How would you like that cooked?
Me: Rare
Cute Waitress: Medium Well?
Me: *exchanges puzzled looks with Dave* uhh... noooo... rare.
Cute Waitress: Well done?
Me: Uhhh.... no.
Cute Waitress: Well let me see if they can do that.

I think there were others but I'm about to fall asleep at the keyboard. Definitely time for bed.


rare cheeseburger? bad!!
dan got food poisoning from a rare hamburger just a couple of weeks ago.
Actually that's mostly the restaurant's fault. Apparently they are only supposed to provide rare meat if they use meat that is above a certain quality level. Most places are good about telling you that they can't do rare and those that can do it usually ask for rare or medium rare (good sign). If it's a fairly upscale place it'll usually be up front about what it can or can't do, but sometimes folks are dumb. It's just a question of eating at reputable places (otherwise you end up doing what my dad goes and constantly commenting on how someone somewhere has died from food poisoning eating sushi ;)