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Have a nice summer, keep in touch...

Do you ever find yourselves not quite in the mood to keep in touch with old friends? I don't mean actively fighting with someone and deciding that they are pure evil and you aren't talking to them. I mean just feeling like you are in a funk and not really wanting to core dump to your friends (like when you don't quite know what the problem is).

So lately, I've been thinking that I should e-mail or call some of my old friends & friends++, but I just can't quite get around to it. Possibly its because it feels weird that we've largely grown apart. When we visit and hang out things go back to the way they were, but for large chunks of time there isn't all that much that our lives have in common. Even just keeping up with the various developments in our lives doesn't seem to happen much if at all.

Then again it also hurts that some of these folks tend to be self-centered, so when we talk things revolve around their lives and their dramas and the emotional support that used to be there just isn't there anymore. Lately it feels like many of my conversations with old friends are terribly rushed. Like we are trying to cram every detail of our lives into a few minutes of talking (and sometimes they don't seem to be listening to what I'm saying). Even when we have marathon phone sessions, we just can't seem to cover everything and I end up wanting to talk more.

I suppose that's normal with people you care about, but I'm getting tired of always missing people. It seems like I'm always the one making the effort (and going above and beyond the call of duty) to stay in touch and eventually it tends to get me down.Its seems like people don't care much, or they only care once in a while when they feel nostalgic. Am I just being dense and not realizing that these frienships have changed by virtue of distance? I guess to a point I am, it just seems weird to have people saying one thing (about visiting, spending time togethor etc...) and then not quite feeling that same connection anymore.

So - yeah. I should talk to my old friends, but I'm just not quite up for it right now.


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