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Humor: HIS and HERS Road Trip


  1. Pulls off at wrong exit.
  2. Opens window.
  3. Asks directions of a knowledgeable police officer.
  4. Arrives at destination promptly.


  1. Pulls off at wrong exit positive it's the correct one.
  2. Drives five miles into wilderness, still thinks he's right.
  3. Drives an extra 5 miles just in case.
  4. Finally rolls down window.
  5. Hocks a loogie.
  6. Pulls up to a 7-11.
  7. Gets three hot-dogs, a large slurpee, and beef jerky.
  8. Asks person behind counter how to get back onto the highway.
  9. Gets back into car.
  10. Farts.
  11. . After he closes the door.
  12. laughs at looking at a map as he pulls away from the 7-11.
  13. Drives down a dirt road with no street lights insisting this is the way back because guy from 7-11 said it was.
  14. Almost hits a deer.
  15. Curses the night.
  16. Curses you.
  17. Curses the large slurpee.
  18. Stops by the side of the road.
  19. Takes a leak.
  20. Still taking a leak.
  21. Almost done.
  22. I think.
  23. Returns to car.
  24. Drives and fiddles with radio.
  25. Yells at you for suggesting the map again.
  26. Admits he didn't want to do Thanksgiving at your sister's.
  27. He hates your sister.
  28. Ever since she called him a pernicious weasel.
  29. He had to look up pernicious.
  30. Couldn't find a dictionary.
  31. Finally found a dictionary.
  32. Couldn't spell pernicious.
  33. Seethes at the memory of it all.
  34. But she is laughing inside...
  35. And of course you're still lost.


  1. Gets directions from person at ultimate location
  2. Gets Mapquest directions
  3. Dusts of Atlas, finds route
  4. Makes up playlist/CD of MP3s for trip
  5. Tags passenger as Navigator
  6. Gets GPS coordinates for key locations along trip
  7. Begins trip
  8. Goes back for things that were forgotten (including directions)
  9. Begins trip, again.
  10. Stops at random amusing roadside attractions
  11. Continues trip
  12. Stops for snacks
  13. Continues trip
  14. If lost stops and makes Navigator get out and get directions
  15. Mocks Navigator until back on course
  16. Arrives at destination
  17. Tells friends about Navigator's reading problems


i'm the geek.
ditto. (shocking, I'm sure)


I would expect nothing less from you ;)

We have to do a road trip sometime.

Good good...

You get a gold star ;)
*cracks up laughing*
I'm a weird megamix of the three.
heh, so long as you get where you're going, it's all good.

(preferably without maiming anyone en route ;)
um, yeah #14 - #17 on the GEEK list SUCK! LOL!
As I recall I didn't complain once while we were driving around (yes, we drove all the way around) Manhattan while we were lost.

The only thing I regularly enjoy giving you a hard time about was the ";" and the difference between 2 blocks and 26 miles (and one very big lake).


well friend...that Slidell/French Quarter thing was what I thought you were implying LOL! oh man, I don't deserve to ever have that one vanquished from memory LOL!