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Wish me luck...

... I'm off to do battle with the Evil City Hall Trolls

Now where did I leave my boom-stick....


Doooood, how did it go?
It went ok.

This wasn't the Historic Landmark Commission thingy (that's next Tuesday). Today I just had to deal with the citation I got last week (saying clean up weeds or else) and I touched base with the office of my local bureaucrat... er... representative ;).

I got the weed inspector (no, not that kind of weed) to give me two weeks before he comes out to check on the progress of my yard's de-weeding. That should be enough time. With a little luck I might have even put in the driveway by then (that'd be nice).

I was actually fairly happy with talking to my rep's secretary. I explained what my situation was (just moved into a "historic" house, have had three visits from city inspectors in three months etc...) and I suggested that perhaps a grace period for new owners of historic buildings might help encourage folks to want to move into them. I have a few ideas on how to make it fun/profitable to deal with old houses. It seems like getting to know the people in charge wouldn't be an entirely bad idea either so hopefully I'll get to talk to her in the near future.

Suddenly I'm having scary flashbacks to Haus politics though ;

Tangent: I just spellchecked this and I don't know how the hell I managed to correctly spell "bureaucrat".... I was pretty sure I was just throwing letters at it in the hopes that it wouldn't be horrible incorrect :