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purple dragon

Shake shake shake... shake shake shake...

Wow, the last couple of days have been pretty good on the whole.

Friday was somewhat frustrating from the work perspective. I have quite a few things to look into and figure out in the near future, but it's nothing "End of the World"-y so I'll deal with it and move on to the next crisis ;)

Friday My weekend didn't start until 6pm-ish thanks to work stuff. I spent the first part of the evening at home perfecting my couch potato skills. Then I hung out with Dave for a while. Just sat around in the porch chatting before heading out to VI for some pie (there is always room for pie ;). We got seated fairly quickly and had one our standard, highly amusing conversations discussing random stuff.

Saturday was good. Dave came over to help me pick up some stuff from Lowe's and to go catch some flicks. We ended up doing a double feature since it was early (and therefore cheap ;). First we saw "The Hunted" (DS=8.5), Tommy Lee Jones can probably keep doing variations on the fugitive thing and I'd keep going to see them. It was a solid movie though. Definitely worth checking out if you like action type things (then final chase/fight scene lasts a good 15-20 minutes). Then we got some snacks, talked to a cute concession stand girl and went to go watch "Willard" (DS=6). I was rather disappointed with Willard (the character). Not at all what I was hoping for, he wasn't as creepy/weird as much as just sniveling and unreliable. Eh, it was a technically solid movie with very good, non-obvious special effects and it did have some good parts (R Lee Ermee was amazingly evil as Willard's boss from hell), but I felt like it was the kind of movie where you find yourself frustrated with the main character every 5 minutes. Seriously, Willard just kept doing one stupid thing after another and by the end of the movie I was completely unsympathetic towards him. What's worse, unlike his boss (that everyone wanted to see dead), I just wanted to see Willard gone because he annoyed me. I didn't care enough about him to want anything for him. The concept could be very fun to play with (weird, shy guy befriends rats and takes revenge on those who messed with him), but the way it was handled in the move just felt completely wrong. Crispin Glover did a remarkably creepy job as Willard, and while I did enjoy several of his scenes, I just didn't find the overall character to be particularly endearing and I was not thrilled with the movie at all.

Anyways, after movies we had to do some searching because Lowe's doesn't carry the "butcher-block" counter-top that I wanted. We had to trek out to Home Depot where I found the counter-top, some lumber, a few bits and pieces and a new gas powered weed-eater (MMmmmmm.... new toy ;). Had some fun dealing with lost credit cards, but we finally got things paid for and headed to my place. We unloaded the truck, ordered pizza and watched some Trading Spaces. Martin called at one point and invited us to the OP. Sounded like fun so I got cleaned up and we finished watching TS. Headed to the OP and met up with Martin, Gina, and Shannon. As usual, I ended up paying a lot of attention to Gina (in a good way ;). We ended up dancing most of the night and that was very cool. I'm hurting for it now, but I had to keep up with her. Definitely a very fun night. I hadn't danced so much in a long long time. I need to go dancing with that group more often.

I finally got home around 3, got to sleep at 3:30 and crawled out of bed around 7. I was going to try out the weed-eater but I got distracted reading and then catching up on LJ which brings us up to now when I'm going to get dressed, grab something to eat and figure out how to play with my new toy. Should be fun and my yard definitely needs it.

Done rambling (for) now ;


weedeating is fun
Heh, I had to do so much of that in high school (my folks had several insanely large yards/lawns around their home) that I tend to cringe at the prospect even to this day.

The whole ordeal was pleasantly non-painful though so I'm pleased. The new toy worked marvelously and I look forward to trying out some of the attachments that are available for it (like a mini-chainsaw ;).
the day you got yours, ours died (after 5 years)...and it wasn't of mishandling.. my mom accidentally bumped the back when she was putting into the shed at my grandpa's house and it broke off one of the fuel hoses...no gas spilled, but it's broken, so we're just gonna go buy a new one...at least it'll be a quick trip since we spent HOW LONG looking at all the options at HomeDepot? LOL!
hit post by accident on the other one hehe... my mom said that she saw a Troy-Bilt at Lowe's that also does the attatchment thing but wanted me to look at it first. It's the same price, but not sure if we can use the head we have on that one... if we can, great, if not, we'll stick w/ the Homelite (though, the Troy-Bilt is 31cc hehe...overkill? yes. fun? definitely!)