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Color me mentally feeble.

The HLC thing is tomorrow. Good thing I checked the actual paper they sent me. I don't know how I screwed that up, but oh well, at least I didn't find this out after I made it out there. It's icky out this afternoon. I think I'm going to try and do computer stuff instead of braving the wind. We get windstorms probably more often than thunderstorms. I spent all day trying to keep Molly on the road during wind gusts (great fun).

Bleh. Have to find something to do with all that adrenaline from getting wound up for a fight.


unless somebody there says, "hey, weren't you wearing that yesterday?" hehe

I am far from fashionable, but this would make me panic enough to go hit Men's Wearhouse :oP
You must learn to read better my friend.

I realized this before I got out there, in fact before I left the house so it was simple enough to change out of nice clothes and into regular hanging around house stuff w/o anyone being the wiser.

I really don't worry about it anyways though because I have about 2 dozen black t-shirts, a dozen black button down shirts and a dozen blue jeans and I make no secret that black shirt and blue jeans is my standard uniform for day to day stuff. Remember the Fly (Jeff Goldblum, Gena Davis)? Where she calls him on wearing the same stuff multiple days and he shows her his closet full of the identical outfit?