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Handbasket(World) = Hell

Suddenly my planned ramblings for this evening don't seem all that important.

Random thing to talk about some other night though is that my wonderful neighbor is actually on the HLC. Hmmm.... I wonder who might have started some of my problems? Heh, oh well. I won. I've slept for a couple of hours, had some yummy pizza appear at my door, watched some mindless TV (along with geek TV courtesy of Junkyard Wars).

I can't say that I'm shocked at the evenings big events. Having always felt like an outsider, I never did have much faith in people in general. I doubt that we'll ever evolve past war or our need to force our views and beliefs onto others. At the same time I doubt that we'll ever run out of truly vile and wicked people who lust after power and who are so desperate to keep it that they will kill without remorse. When you strip away all the rhetoric, I think you end up with a few people with more power than compassion or common sense (on all sides of the equation). The rest of us are just trying to sort out how to live our lives in all this mess. While watching the train wreck which is our foreign policy I was reminded of an old quote/joke:

"Mechanical Engineers build weapons, Civil Engineers build targets"

That line always irked me. It's a bit of a dig on civil engineers (which is what I finally ended up being... well maybe not all that civil ;). Tonight though it struck me in a different light. While I'm very far from perfect or saintly, I think I'm making at least a few people's lives better in my chosen career and that is a Good Thing. I make things. I build stuff. I do my best to not screw anyone over. Destruction in general doesn't make me happy. I can't quite fully understand the mentality that says it's just peachy to destroy things and people. I feel oddly comforted by this fact. What's going on in the world doesn't make sense to me and I think I'm going to try and keep it that way. I have no desire to understand why so many people are so willing to play fast and loose with their own ideals and with the lives of other people.

Tonight I'm thinking about my friends and family and I'm very grateful for all of them. The world has become a scarier and uglier place. However it's made me realize how much it means to me that I know people in this crazy world that make it less frightening. Folks who make it a better place and who keep me hopeful that the bad shit isn't going to be the norm, but that it's just an aberration. Tonight I'm thinking about all you guys and how lucky I am to know you. I hope everyone out there stays safe.

Now I'm going to click my heels three times and hope that a very large house lands on one or two world leaders.


I didn't *think* I was building weapons until Sept 11th...
"What do you think a ?something phase (i can't recall the exact wording here) tracking system is for? A big mirror requires a big beam."

I dunno...but your post reminded me that part when "god" is talking to Kent :oP guess I'ma go home and watch the movie now haha
Eh, unfortunately so much of what gets built in the mechanical engineering field can become a weapon if applied in the right/wrong way. The collabarative nature of modern large scale design also lends itself to more people seeing certain solutions and one of those people suggesting it's use in a future millitary project.

BTW, I just saw that you called. Sorry I didn't answer, but the phone was in silent mode and I was in the middle of something with someone (details to follow).