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Saturday woes...

It's saturday and I'm working. It'll be a short day, but still. This is one of those weeks when I wouldn't mind getting paid overtime (the joys of salary).

I'm at the office because I had to pick Molly up from the mechanic's this morning (yesterday was a weird work day, I'll ramble about that in the near future). Now I'm going to go off and finish up the last details at the duplexes. Work work work work.

Still though I'm in a good mood. I got my kitchen cabinets back on Thursday. Very cool lloking. My kitchen is almost finished (at least this version of it is) and I should be able to post a few pictures later today after I clean it up a bit.

For now, call mr Mr. Smith... Mr. Lock Smith....




so am I. just got in. did let myself have a nice lazy saturday morning first though :)

all work and no play makes dragon a tired boy

But you do also have some mighty good perqs...like being able to cut out early when work is slow during the day...so it all balances out hehe

My work day is 7-hrs M-F, I get a conference period (1hr 10min) and a lunch (45minutes) together, so I do 5 hours of actual work in a day LOL! OF course, I have to put up with nearly 100 smelly 7th graders a day...I'll take long hours over smelly 7th graders :-P

of course, being like 2minutes from CompUSA/BestBuy/B&N, I can cut away from work and head there every day if I wanted to too, so I guess that's good hehe