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The Money Pit....

Kitchen is this ---> <--- close to being done. Aside from some drywall/paint stuff and connecting the water supply to the dishwasher everything is finally in place. This means I can do dishes now. Oddly enough I am somewhat unthrilled that this is the highlight to my day.

The upstairs bathroom is also almost finished, but one of my workers did a bonehead thing which I need to fix. Actually both of the workers did bonehead things, but I'm tired and not in the mood to recount. Today was productive but stressful. I was going to post pictures of the progress, but my connection is flaking on me right now. I suspect some kid is probably doing something sketchy and excessive with the network. Eh, probably for the best, I'm exhausted and it's just about my bedtime.

I'll do an in-depth update on the house progress and catch up on friends list stuff tomorrow-ish.

Now it's time for bed. 'night