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More Home Improvements.

Well I ended up punting on work stuff yesterday in favor of working on my bathroom. Amazingly enough, I am almost finished with it. I got the vanity light wired along with the GFCI and the switch/receptacle. Rewiring household electrics that are older than I am (and quite possibly older than my parents) is somewhat daunting, but I got it done and nothing blew up or caught on fire so I'll chalk that up in the W column.

Once the wiring stuff was done I went ahead and installed the monster medicine cabinet and stepped back to admire the gaping holes around in in the plaster. At least it was level ;). Fortunately I picked up a nifty solution from one of the many home improvement shows or books that I've perused. Specifically the use of expanding foam insulation (commonly carried at Lowe's and Home Depot as "Great Stuff" in the red can). It filled in all the gaps nicely and once it's cured it can be cut back to be flush with the walls and then painted, spackled, etc... It should allow for a nearly perfect repair.

I was going to post pictures, but I got a call from a friend last night so I ended up gabbing for a couple of hours. I may be getting a visit from her toward the end of the month. This would be quite groovy, but we'll see.

I have more stuff to do in the house shortly, and I'll probably put up some pictures once the last thing is done (that would be replacing the molding that one of my bonehead workers [*] removed and which now doesn't quite fit back in place correctly *sigh*)

[*] - I don't normally refer to my workers as boneheads but when they do stuff like that it's hard to keep cool and pleasant when they do really stupid (and pointless) things. I'll elaborate more on this particular snafu later)

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