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and another thing...

I want it to be cold enough to merit wearing my awesome new leather coat, but not so cold as to be terribly uncomfortable. Its not even cold enough at night (well I don't think its cold anymore... once upon a time I might have thought so).


It snowed here last night....The type that sticks to the cars, but not the street...Does it snow there in LC? If so, how much?
It has been known to snow in LC, but often its the type that looks nice late at night and early morning, but is entirely gone by noon. Usually this only happens once or twice a year. On a normal winter, it does get cold enough for snow, but its usually too dry. The nice thing though is that LC is a couple of hours away from decent ski country so its possible to get a snow fix from time to time :)
If we're lucky, it'll get cold enough in EP this winter to merit wearing more than a short-sleeved tshirt when we venture out at night...(i.e. having to put a medium to heavy weight shirt over the tshirt)

Ya gotta take a picture of the coat! Mmmmm.... Leather.... :)

By popular request :)

I would take a picture of the coat, but it wouldn't quite do it justice unless I was wearing it and I have a strict 'no photos of me' policy. However, I remembered that Wilson's had a good picture of it. So this is the coat.

For reference, the 2x one that I got comes down to about mid/lower calf on 6'3 me and is quite roomy. Oh and the leather feels totally awesome. Too bad the lining is plain black. I'm thinking that in a few years, if I need to get the coat re-lined (assuming I ever get to wear it ;), I'll go with purple or something.

Re: By popular request :)

Gorgeous!!!! I bet it looks great on you. :)

If I ever figure out the relining thing, I'll offer my services. I have a purple coat that needs relining and Jared has a coat or two. By the time I finish with those I might feel capable to try for somebody else. That will of course be a couple years away, so perfect timing!

Re: By popular request :)

Thanks :)

Speaking of sewing, how hard/easy is it to get into making clothes and whatnot the way I've heard you mention?

I inherited my grandmother's very cool Singer sewing machine and I've been starting to get the urge to attempt to use it for something cooler than the occasional repair.

Re: By popular request :)

Wow! Cool machine!

Well, I don't think its that hard, it just takes some practice. It helps to have somebody around who's done some sewing, but in general if you follow the instructions on a pattern very carefully, you can pretty much put something together. Of course zippers and buttons are tricky, but mostly it just takes some patience. They don't have as many mens patterns as womens, but you can always find some. Vogue even has a zuit suit pattern. :)

Anyway, I think anybody with logic skills and 3D reasoning has an advantage when trying to sew because you can actually think about how the pieces are going together. The first step is probably to look at how your current clothes are put together. Look at all the seams and whatnot, just to get a feel for it. Then you can start with a shirt or something. There's lots of webpages on this stuff. And of course I'm happy to offer any long-distance advice I can.

Re: By popular request :)

Hmmm this sewing stuff looks to be pretty cool. I think I'm going to have to make the effort to learn a bit more about it. I specifically want to make a coat that I've seen in movies and books, but never in real life. Its one of those old 19th century coats with a high collar that tends to look pretty evil. It would also be nice to be able to make other odd cool clothes that I either can't find in stores, or can't find in my size.

I'm thinking I might try one of the continuing education classes they offer at the local university. I seem to recall that they had quite a few sewing classes. If nothing else, it would be amusing to see the looks on people's faces when I walked into the room for the sewing class ;)

Oh and believe me, once I get going a bit more, I'll definately be bugging you about hints and tips :)