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Hey kids! What time is it?

It's upgrade time!.

I started out the morning planning on just upgrading GnuCash so I could make another dent in the books so that we can get cracking on doing taxes, but it required several other packages that weren't currently installed. In the process of figuring out what was, was not, and should be installed I realized that Redhat 9 (RH9) was released to the general public today. So a quick trip to CumpU$A and I am about ready to do the upgrade thing.

Let's see if nothing blows up this time around. Just need to finish backing stuff up and we shall see what we see....


neat. we got the isos at work, but i haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet. make sure to post a full review ;)
Heh, I definitely will once I get stuff working correctly again.

RH9 - 1, VPM - 0
linux is just plain sexy.
Now I just need to have some of that rub off by association :-p


Wear a 'red hat' ???


god the snow makes me full of puns.
here are the URL's that have been telling you I was gonna send/show you for like a month now hehe

Gumballs Galore!

and this was interesting: Weird Science DVD.. it seems they're re-releasing it hehe. I only mention it b/c well, it's on your wishlist, your bday is coming around in a few months...*hint*hint* DON'T ORDER IT! :-P
Very cool