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8 yd^3 = 216 ft^3 = 1 assload^3

Well, we did it. I finally have a handy dandy driveway in the back. Perfect for washing cars, fixing cars, building stuff and the occasional gathering/barbecue.

It also means I have almost half as much grassy area in my backyard. This is a Good Thing in the long run since watering the original grassy area enough to keep it nice and green would be difficult with the current watering restrictions. Now, I can have a smaller lawn, but combined with water run off when I wash the cars and whatever watering I can do, it should be nice and green. It was a question of quality vs. quantity. Besides, I need flat space to work on stuff and I don't need a huge ass lawn to take care of. Ok, granted it was never a huge ass lawn, but still. Less stuff to deal with during a drought is a Good Thing.

The house started out with this as the walkway between the house and the garage. It was unstable and it generally made me grumpy if I had to try and roll anything from the house to the garage. So we laid out forms for a new sidewalk and driveway. Note that there are appoximately 2 yd^3 of crushed cement/stone in the forms. That's the stuff left over from knocking out the hole for the rear gate. Now this is how the sidewalk and driveway turned out. The forms can come off tomorrow afternoon-ish.

I'm a very happy (and dirty) camper. Time for a shower and then dinner. Tomorrow after work I'll probably clean out and wash Molly on my brand spanking new driveway (finally).

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