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I'll be having dinner shortly.

It turns out that I forgot about my ConEd class in landlord tenant law and I randomly happened to pick up the schedule book about 30 minutes before it started. I was able to get cleaned up and out there in record time (aided in no small part by the fact that I live 10 minutes away from UTEP).

The class was good and I learned many useful things. Next week's class promises to be equally informative so I'm psyched. It's sad, but I find real estate law and general landlord stuff realy and truly fascinating. I was completely focused on the class and even doing significant class participation stuff (which I often only do under threat of death or failure). As usual though some of the people in the class really made me glad that I wasn't them. There were the usual number of inane questions and comments by people who really should know better.

Anyways, I came home and started to watch the Salton Sea, but I stopped about halfway through because I wasn't quite in the mood for a heavy-isy indy/artsy type movie right now. It looks like a great movie so far though. It's got a nice amount of humor in it and I really enjoyed the way that Val Kilmer ends up narrating parts of it. He delievers his surreal-ish lines in the movie perfectly. I'm definitely going to finish watching it soon. I'm constantly amazed at how cool VK can be.

Now I'm quite hungry and fairly tired, but at least I'm no longer dirty so the evening has been moving in a positive direction.

Food now.
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